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Colombia - Wilton Benitez - Granja Paraiso 92

Wilton Benitez is a highly specialised coffee producer, with a lifetime of experience in cultivating exotic and sought-after coffee. This particular geisha lot offers stone fruit acidity and sweetness in abundance, with complex floral notes throughout to round it off. It boasts a silky body and creamy mouthfeel, making it a very special experience from start to end.




1. Manual harvest.
2. Characterisation of the cherry.
3. Classification of the cherry by density and size.
4. Sterilisation of the cherry (with UV and Ozone).
5. Immersion of the fruits in water at 90°C for a short period of time to achieve better sterilisation and open the pores of the fruits.
6. First phase of cherry fermentation begins in anaerobic bioreactors where a specific microorganism is added.
7. Once the first fermentation is finished, the shell of the fruits is removed and the grains are taken to other bioreactors for a second fermentation phase.
8. After the second phase of fermentation is completed, the grains are subjected to hot water impacts and then washed with cold water.
9. The washed coffee is taken to the ecological drying equipment where the drying curve is set up (40°c for the initial 12 hours and 35°c for the next 24 hours).

Colombia - Wilton Benitez - Granja Paraiso 92

Roast profile: Filter
  • Geisha - P10


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