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Dino's Coffee Brew Guides: Wilder Garcia Bourbon - Peru

Welcome, coffee lover! Our Brew Guides series will showcase our preferred ways of enjoying the coffees on offer here at Dino's.

top down view of coffee cup and serving jug next to black notebook and gold pen

Our first guide accompanies a new offering from one of our favourite coffee-producing countries; we're so excited to be able to stock some of Wilder Garcia's bourbon lot, as we see him becoming a well established name in the years to come.


Option 1: Aeropress

If you're well versed in using an Aeropress, the below should have you covered. However, if you need some pointers, read on for our guide.

Our recipe:

13g coffee - freshly ground (medium fine)

220ml water

2 minute inverted brew, 30 second plunge

What you'll need:

  • Aeropress brewer & filter paper

  • narrow spout/gooseneck kettle (or a steady hand 😉)

  • scales

  • a timer/stopwatch (you can use your phone!)

  • a mug

  • water (some extra to rinse the filter paper)

First, measure out 13g of Dino's Coffee Wilder Garcia Bourbon, and grind it to a medium fine size. Feel free to use the below as a reference:

medium fine coffee grounds on white background next to 20p coin

Next, take your Aeropress, fit a filter paper into the cap, and using some freshly boiled water, wet the paper and allow it to drain before the next step. Discard the rinse water from your cup.

Add your coffee grounds to the inverted brewer, start your stopwatch, pour 220ml (or grams) of your hot water into the Aeropress, then give it a gentle stir. While the coffee is brewing, fit the filter cap onto the end of the Aeropress.

Once you've reached the 2 minute mark, flip the Aeropress right-side up and fit it over the top of your mug, then slowly and carefully start pressing down the plunger as your coffee starts to trickle into your vessel - this should take about 30 seconds.

When all the coffee has been extracted (you'll hear the start of a faint hiss), stop, remove the Aeropress, and enjoy the coffee straight from your brewing mug!

Top tip: don't keep pressing once the brewer starts to hiss - this will extract the more bitter compounds that we don't want in our coffee.


Option 2: Orea (flat bottom brewer)

This one is aimed at the pourover enthusiasts - our preferred brewer is the Orea, as the hole distribution on the bottom allows for a more even extraction.

Our recipe:

13.5g coffee - freshly ground

  1. ⁠40ml + swirl - 30sec bloom

  2. 30ml + swirl

  3. every 15secs 30ml pour

⁠total 250ml water in at 2mins

4min total brew time

What you'll need:

  • Orea brewer (we used the Orea v2 in this recipe) & wave filter papers

  • Narrow pour/gooseneck kettle

  • scales

  • a timer/stopwatch

  • a jug or mug to brew into

  • water (some extra to rinse the filter paper)

Start by grinding your dose of coffee beans to a medium grind (about the size of granulated sugar):

medium coffee grounds in a white plastic sample tray

Place your brewer with filter paper inside over your jug, use some of the hot water to wet your filter paper (this gets rid of any papery taste in your coffee), then discard.

Add your coffee grounds to the filter and start your timer, then start pouring water according to the recipe:

  1. ⁠pour 40ml, swirl the brewer, then set down and allow it to bloom for 30 seconds

  2. pour another 30ml, swirl the brewer

  3. every 15 seconds afterwards, pour 30ml at a time until you reach 250ml of water poured total (this should take you to the 2 minute mark)

  4. allow the water to drain through, and your coffee should be ready at the 4 minute mark

Remove the brewer, serve and enjoy!


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