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Meet the founders

Laurence sitting outside at a picnic table and pouring a coffee out of a moka pot

Laurence Lawes


Laurence has risen through the Bristol coffee scene at the same time as the local reggae scene, keeping people caffeinated with great espressos by day, and entertained with smooth reggae beats at night. 

With the opening of his new shop, Interlude Coffee on St Michael's Hill, he now gets to do both at the same time, as well as occasionally plying people with wine by the glass on Some Sundays. 

When he's not in the shop, Laurence spends his time roasting up a storm for Interlude and for our lucky customers.

Alex Ritchie


Armed with nothing but unfounded confidence and curious taste buds, Alex has competed in every coffee competition that would let her in without any actual experience (UK Cup Tasters, Welsh Aeropress Championship), and has been stealing her husband's coffee roasting knowledge on the side for the better part of 7 years. She is known among her friend group for being the most qualified non-professional coffee person in the South West.

(until now! finally turned pro, baby.)

By day, Alex can be found rapidly clacking at her keyboard as a digital marketing consultant.

Alex holding a Cup Tasters cupping bowl to reveal sticker on the bottom
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