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Dino's Coffee Sponsorship: UK Brewers Cup Championship edition ☕

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

(Editor's Note: the form is now closed, but keep an eye out for our next round of sponsorship!)

As the general population starts to wind down from summer (25 degree weather notwithstanding) and the excitement grows for falling leaves, cosy jumpers, and pumpkin spice everything, something different is a-brew in the specialty coffee scene - a level of hype only exceeded during Taylor Swift's Eras Tour ticket sale.

The best baristas around the country have queued up to grab one of 14 limited spots to compete in the UK Brewers Cup Championship 2024 in London on 3rd & 4th October, with the winner going on to represent the United Kingdom at the World Brewers Cup Finals in Chicago in April 2024.


barista preparing three identical pourover coffee drinks for the uk brewers cup championship

(Photo ©Alex Ritchie, 2019)


Historically, lack of access to coffee for the open service round has been a hindrance or an outright blocker for many would-be competitors; not all entrants have the backing of a resource-rich employer, or the means to finance it themselves.

Enter... Dino's (that's us!)

Look, the issue of accessibility in competitions is industry-wide, and we're not claiming we can fix everything - or anything, for that matter. However, we can help with this one small challenge for one person who really, really wants to compete.

We're putting forward 2 kilos of our Colombian washed gesha by Alex Arango, a delicate but unpretentious offering that can really sing in the hands of the right person!

If you'd like a chance to grab the coffee for your competition, head over to our entry form and submit your application today!

Entry closes during the Bristol Coffee Festival (9th September), and we can't wait to read what you have to share with us!

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